Executive Coaching

Our coaching is aimed at helping the individual perform better in the work environment within the context of overall business strategy. Our concern is with transferring skills, enabling learning and empowering people to succeed.

SAS Executive Coaching Context

  • A job audit is performed to determine which areas need improvement (i.e. skills, performance, developmental, leadership, etc…)
  • Coach and client initiate the relationship by establishing goals, boundaries and preferred methods of working together
  • Coach/client relationship is a short and standardized process with a set number of meetings. Together the coach and client will define and document clear and measurable goals from the beginning and then establish business-impact measures and track the results
  • Coach works with client in framing their challenges, recognize alternatives and come up with the best solutions or response. The coach does not recommend best option or solve business problem
  • Process focuses on behavioral, management style or personal issues that impede effectiveness
  • The relationship concludes in reviewing what has been accomplished and assessing the outcomes

“Culture and leadership, when one examines them closely, are two sides of the same coin and neither can really be understood by itself” ~ Edgar Schein


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